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Calling All Light Workers!

Here at Jazz it Up Candle Boutique we like to refer to ourselves as light workers or workers of light! Join us in our labor of love to help raise the planetary vibration by conciously choosing to become a light worker today!

Now you may be wondering what is a light worker?! As Michael Jackson once told us, a light worker starts with the man in the mirror. We understand that in order to bring more light into the world, we must manage and cultivate the light within ourselves. We contribute to the planetary vibration through our beliefs, morals, and actions. So if we are in darkness we contribute more darkness and if we are in light we contribute more light. Light workers choose light! However, cultivating and managing our light is a life-long process and requires us to practice the following habits:

  1. Practicing the art of gratitude. Gratitude is the miracle working habit that causes us to live from a place of abundance. It also reveals this abundance to us in our relationships, opportunities, finances, and more. As light workers we understand that where there is gratitude, lack does not exist. We deliberately choose not to focus on what we don't have and what's not working, but on what we do have and all of the things that have been working out for our good. When we practice gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the hormones associated with making us feel happier and lighter!

  2. Practicing the art of letting go. We understand that to everything there is a season. This includes control, beliefs, habits, relationships, unforgiveness, and baggage from past experiences. When we practice letting go of things that no longer serve us and bring us suffering, we are making room for fulfilled desires. We can easily move past life challenges and trust that things will naturally work themselves out. When it seems like our prayers/meditations are being ignored, light workers take a step back and reflect on what they may not be acknowledging, accepting, and moving on from. Letting go is the catalyst to emotional well-being because it lowers our stress levels and reduces anxiety.

  3. Practicing the art of self-care and self validation. Light workers do not pour from an empty cup, over extend themselves, or struggle with saying no. We also validate and celebrate ourselves which is a super power! We understand that we owe ourselves the due diligence of taking care of our mental, emotional, and physical health before we try to do that for others. This can look like speaking up for ourselves and setting healthy boundaries and honoring them. This also looks like making time for the things we love whether it be reading, hiking, dancing, spending time with family, etc. Light workers understand that when you love yourself first, then that same love can and will spill over out of our cup into the lives of others!

  4. Practicing the art of affirmations. As light workers, we guard our tongue knowing that our words are a creative force in our realities. What you speak will come to be. Through the use of affirmations, light workers actively take control of their thoughts and emotions by reprogramming their minds to think the way they desire. We talk to ourselves because we know that we came into existence through the thought and words of God (source, higher power, etc), and we were created to create in our lives the same way. Light workers always make sure their heart and mind is in alignment so that they can receive what's rightfully theirs. The answer is always yes if we are willing to believe and receive!

  5. Practicing the art of breathing through meditation. Light workers become aware of their inner world and escape their present reality through meditation. However, we understand that meditation is not about just ridding our mind of all thoughts, but about knowing that the peace and answers that we seek are within us only if we dare to be still and listen. As light workers we practice meditation because we know it can be a healing agent to the body, as well as help combat stress and anxiety. Check out my meditation services page on my website to learn more about the benefits of meditation.

  6. Practicing the art of giving. As light workers we know that if we freely give unto others, then life will freely give unto us. When we give, we are coming from a place of abundance and love which causes life to bring more abundance and love into our lives. What you give is what you get. Light workers attract more abundance into their lives by contributing back to society by simply letting their light shine!

In conclusion, our motto here at Jazz it Up is "leading the fragrant path to wellness," because our mission is to help raise up more light workers through the creation of wellness products focusing on the following habits, traits, and beliefs shared in this blog. Won't you join me. Your higher self will thank you for it. Visit our online shop today and allow the light within you to lead you to what it is you may be in need of. God Bless!

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